Saturday, January 12, 2019

K-Shine Should Be Champion Of The Year

I think there are only 3 battle rappers that even should be considered for Champion of the year. Geechi Gotti, Pat Stay, and K-Shine

All three battle rappers make a strong case to actually be Champion of the year, but I think it should go to K-shine without a doubt. Let me explain.

No other battle rapper in the year 2018 made a bigger impact then K-shine. Going forward you will not be able to make reference to 2018 with mention the Moments created by K-Shine. He battled on several leagues in multiple cities against great battle rappers. He smoked two legends in E. Ness and Jae Millz. He smoked Geechi Gotti on Smack vol.3 and shut down all talks of Geechi Gotti getting Champion of the year over him.

I challenge anybody to make a case for any other battle rapper being Champion of the year besides K-Shine. Please leave comments below.

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