Saturday, April 20, 2019

Remy Ma Allegedly Punched Brittney Taylor In The Eye

At Irving Plaza in New York City Remy Ma Allegedly punched Love & Hip Hop Star Brittney Taylor in the eye. 

Brittney claims the entire altercation happened due to a misunderstanding. An incident took place in Miami with Remy's stepdaughter Dejanae during spring break. Brittney claims she defended Dejanae from an abusive man that was putting his hands on her. Remy Ma exclaimed she got a different story and proceeded to punch Brittney Taylor in the Eye.

I don't know if Remy did or did not punch Brittney, but it is clear that Britteny was punched in the eye.

"Brittney Taylor is cooperating fully with the NYPD criminal probe, we are calling on any witnesses who saw what happened or have video of what happened to come forward.” - Sanford Rubenstein Brittney's Lawyer

If Remy is found guilty of this incident this can be a parole violation and can possibly send her back to prison. 

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