Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Meek Mill Wants Akademiks To Stop Posting Him

Meek Mill left a comment on Instagram demanding that Akademiks stop posting him on his page.

Meek Mill and Akademiks have had some feuds in the past years mostly over Instagram. During Meek Mill and Drake's beef, Meek was upset that bloggers like Akademiks were not posting him or his album.

Akademiks responded to Meek Mill and plans to not post him anymore. 

"So.. y’all remember when meek told me to stop posting him and I did.. then he went on philly radio complaining that I ain’t posting his album... well today he asked that I stopped posting him. And I’ll gladly oblige ... I don’t need no artist who don’t wanna be on platform. ✌️there will no more meek mill posts after this on my platform. Too many other lit rappers for me to cover ✊🏿✊🏿" - Akademiks

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