Thursday, July 2, 2020

Method Man And Havoc Have An Album Coming out

Method Man has revealed he was a new album coming out on the Talib Kweli "The People's Party" podcast. Meth says himself and Havoc from Mobb Deep have an album coming out titled "Dirty P". 

"Me and Havoc did an album together, Dirty P. take ondDirty's name and Prodigy's name and going to call it Dirty P. That's pretty much done, we're trying to think of a single to put out first. Don't know about that. Meth Lab 3, I'm working on that now, and me and Rockwilder are trying to put together an EP of some of my favorite hip-hop joints back in the day. I'm still number one, emcee ultra magnetic." - Method Man

Check out the full interview below via YouTube.

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