Friday, August 13, 2021

Meek Mill And Tory Lanez Go At It On Instagram

 Meek Mill and Tory Lanez have a heated exchange via Instagram. Tory Lanez commented under Meek picture of him receiving the Nelson Mandela Award. 

Tory Lanez went on to say "Smith & Wesson," then Meek said, "It’s called ‘meek flow" in reference to Lanez using his flow to his on his new freestyle dissing Cassidy. Tory responded and said, “"wasn’t that deep, Just ain’t want u to look dumb. Congrats tho bozo."

Meek responded by saying, "Stand tall Tory. It’s kinda deep you tryna help me wit my spelling, and you know for a fact I don’t f**k wit you right now." From there, he concluded by saying, If y’all guys really rich why y’all acting like we cool on the net and you know we not, do you and stay out of street business when we talking about them blowers."

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