Saturday, July 6, 2024

Megan Thee Stallion New Album Sold Over 64K

 Grammy-winning rapper Megan Thee Stallion's highly anticipated third studio album, simply titled "Megan," has landed, but its first-week sales figures haven't quite reached the heights some expected. While the album secured a respectable debut on the Billboard 200 chart, it fell short of pre-release predictions.

According to, "Megan" sold 64,324 in the first week. 

Early Buzz and Projected Success

Prior to the album's release on June 28th, 2024, industry analysts predicted a strong showing for "Megan." The project benefitted from a strategic rollout with three pre-released singles, including the chart-topping hit "Hiss." Additionally, the album's title itself conveyed a sense of artistic confidence and a return to Megan's core identity. Industry experts predicted first-week sales to reach somewhere between 65,000 and 100,500 units (including album sales and equivalent streams).

Official Numbers and Chart Placement

Official figures from MRC Data haven't been released yet, but early reports suggest "Megan" landed somewhere in the #3 to #5 range on the Billboard 200 chart. This translates to first-week sales likely falling below the predicted range. While specific numbers remain under wraps, it appears "Megan" may not have replicated the chart dominance of her previous album, "Traumazine," which debuted at #4 in 2022.

Possible Reasons for Lower Sales

Several factors could have contributed to "Megan" falling short of initial projections.  A crowded release window with other highly-anticipated albums might have divided audience attention. Additionally, the streaming landscape continues to evolve, potentially impacting first-week sales figures.

Critical Reception and Long-Term Impact

Despite the sales figures, critical reception for "Megan" has been generally positive.  Critics have praised the album's raw energy, lyrical confidence, and exploration of personal themes. While first-week sales are important, an album's long-term impact is often measured by its cultural influence and critical acclaim.  "Megan" could very well develop a devoted following and leave a lasting mark on the rap scene, even if it doesn't top the charts immediately.

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