Saturday, September 7, 2019

Nicki Minaj Is Not Retiring She Is Just Taking A Break

I don't care what Nicki Minaj said, she is not retiring. Let me tell you what I really hear. Nicki Minaj clearly wants to have a child and being active music and entertainment conflicts with that. She basically said she is about to sit down for a while so don't expect anything from her for the entire 2020.

I actually think a break would benefit her music career. When you think about Nicki Minaj has been active in music since 2009. That's a ten year run of being on front street interviews, concerts, videos, and more. Nicki has been in front of the general public so much that music fans are beginning to turn on her. It happens to must rap artist that have been mega-successful for many years.

When Nicki returns, I believe music fans will miss her. Significant time out of the spotlight will give rap fans a chance to miss Nicki Minaj for the dope MC that she is.

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